The idea of having my own website has been with me for a while, but I never acted on it until about October of 2010. My first website, Molozonide-Guides was an exercise in setting up a LAMP server using an old computer (my first computer). I mention Molozonide-Guides here because I learned PHP, SQL, jQuery, CSS (basically everything) from working on it. The server has been down since March.

I drew up the design for on May 16, 2011 in the middle of a very eventful summer and created the template page by the end of the week. Work halted for a month, at which time I purchased the domain name from GoDaddy. The site was finally finished on June 29, 2011.


Aug 23, 2011: Created a videos page. Needs work.
Aug 26, 2011: Extensive reorganization.
Aug 28, 2011: Total site redesign; copied layout from mzguides.
Sep 05, 2011: Leadership and travel sections added.
Jan 24, 2012: Resume added to the about page.
Mar 05, 2012: About page and resume/cvitae updated.
Mar 06, 2012: Results of FWRSEF posted under mentoring.
Feb 08, 2014: Major updates site-wide.