Media Coverage

Photo of Pinaki standing before science challenges.

Discovery Channel (2004)

Pinaki's science project is of the top 40 in the US

  • Discovery Channel Young Scientists Challenge
  • Date: October 2004

Discovery Channel aired an hour-long broadcast of the Discovery Channel Young Scientists Challenge (DCYSC), a science competition for 40 finalists selected from over 40,000 qualified applicants. I present here the highlights and a few of my appearances. A description of my winning project and of the program itself can be found on the links page.

Picture of Pinaki on TV (Fox News)

Textbooks of Tomorrow (2002)

Pinaki appears on Fox News with a new idea

  • Invention Convention
  • Date: January 3, 2003

Textbooks of Tomorrow, was the concept of storing textbooks electronically and for use with inexpensive readers (this was before e-books were widely available). I submitted my idea to Invention Convention and won recognition from the Fort Worth Independent School District and from Score-a-Goal in the Classroom. I was also interviewed on the local Fox News channel on the Good Day Show.