Coding Projects

Simple computer model af a galaxy.

Galaxy Simulation

The Stability of Stellar Trajectories in a Spiral Galaxy

  • Written: January 2009

This is a simulation of a spiral galaxy as approximated by two circular planes and a central core. The simulation plots the trajectory of a star (or any other point mass) as it moves in the model galaxy and finds the amount of chaos in the motion. I was selected as a semifinalist in the 2009 Intel Science Talent Search for this work. Other research efforts, are listed on the research page.

Screenshot of a checkers game.

Checkers and Minesweeper

Java application of two popular board games

  • Written: May 2009

This is a java application of checkers and minesweeper. It supports multiple instances of each game and tabbing. Help files included.

Simple computer model af a galaxy.

Simple Shooter

A simple shooting game with exponential difficulty

  • Written: 2007

This is a simple flash game of a green hemisphere defending the land from descending aliens. Arrow keys move the dome, clicks fire a laser. Green powerups contain bombs for emergency situations.

Picture of piano keys.

Flash Experiments

Tests and examples with Flash

  • Written: 2006–2007

This is a set of tests and experiments
done in class with Adobe Flash Pro.

Snapshot of wordsearch program.

Wordsearch Solver

Simple Java Applet for solving wordsearch puzzles

  • Written: September 2006

This was my first venture beyond text-based programming, as well as my first encounter with HTML. The program's purpose is to solve wordsearch puzzles (which I am notoriously bad at solving). The first screen involves entering the entire wordsearch and the second screen prompts for words to find (in any of the eight compass directions).