Mentoring Work

Schematic diagram of flexural bend testing of a sample.

Lightweight Composites
from Waste Products

Student: Shreyoshi Das

  • 1st Place Environmental Sciences at FWRSEF 2012
  • 3rd Place Environmental Sciences at EMTSEF 2012

I mentored a middle school student and guided her in her attempts to combine three waste streams to make a new lightweight and inexpensive composite for use in temporary structures such as emergency housing.

Plot of a red line showing exponential growth.

Epidemic: Modeling the Global Spread
of Totally Drug-Resistant Tuberculosis

Student: Shree Bose

  • 2nd Place Mathematics at FWRSEF 2012
  • 3rd Place Mathematics at EMTSEF 2012

I worked with my younger sister, Shree Bose (first grand prize winner of the Google Global Science Fair), to create a mathematical model describing the global spread of tuberculosis.

Photo of white composite samples of bioresorbable polymer.

Bioresorbable Composite Scaffolds
for Guided Tissue Regeneration

Student: Santosh Murugan

  • 3rd Place Bioengineering at FWRSEF 2012
  • 4th Place Bioengineering at EMTSEF 2012

I guided a high school student in his efforts to create and test new composite materials for use in orthopedic applications such as hard tissue replacement. This project was inspired by my past work with biomaterials.